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Metabolic bone disease in reptiles

Metabolic bone disease is a very common problem in reptiles, especially chameleons, bearded dragons, lizards and tortoises. The most common form of metabolic bone disease is nutritional secondary hyperparathyroidism. This is caused when a reptile does not have enough calcium or vitamin D3 in the diet, does not receive enough exposure to ultraviolet (UVB) light…
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Chameleons, the peculiar pet

Chameleons are peculiar animals. They have large bulging eyes that can move independently, move slowly with a rocking locomotion and are known to change colour rapidly. They have a flat body which is leaf shaped to camouflage them in their environment. When walking along branches they sway from side to side to look like a…
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Inclusion Body Disease (IBD) in Snakes

IBD is a disease that causes neurological signs in snakes belonging to the families Boidae (Boas) and Pythonidae (Pythons). The disease was first discovered in a Burmese python in America in the 1970’s,  and is now occurring worldwide in captive populations. The causative agent of this disease is currently still unknown, but a retrovirus is suspected to be…
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