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Raw food, consider the risks

Many pet owners are searching for more natural pet food choices. Everyone wants to feed their pet a wholesome and appealing diet. Feeding every day, the same pelleted food is often seen as boring for the pet. A popular trend is to feed raw, meat-based diets. It is important to carefully weigh the advantages and…
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Toxic plants that can poison your dog or cat

Many plants can result in life threatening situations if your pet consumes them. In this article the most common South African plants are discussed. 1 Cycads are commonly found in the SA gardens. All parts of the plant are potentially poisonous; however, the highest amount of toxin is found in the seeds. Gastro-intestinal signs will…
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Everyday foods that can poison your pets

Did you know that there is a number of everyday human foods that can result in life-threatening situations if your pet consumes them? We have compiled a list for you to be aware of what to keep away from your furry friend and who knows, you might just save their life. 1 Bakers chocolate, dark…
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