Fear Free Veterinary Visit

A veterinary visit should be relaxing and not be scary for your pet. Anxiety can have negative effects on an already sick pet. Therefore, it is important to read the following steps to calm your anxious pet down.

1. Plan happy visits to our veterinary clinic. During this visit, your pet will get used to the sounds and smells. The pets will get love and treats from our staff members. This will result in a less fearful visit the following time. Just contact our practice to confirm the best suitable time for the visit.

2. Bring your pet hungry to our clinic. This will result in your pet readily accept nice treats during consultations. The treats will help him to focus on the positive experience and less on the examination.

3. Take time to teach them to get comfortable walking on a leash or travelling in a carrier or crate. First, practice at home in a calm and safe environment before going into the big wide world.

  • 4. Use tools such as pheromone sprays, catnip to de-stress the carrier. Other tools such as Thundershirts or body wraps can be used. These apply gentle and constant pressure on the body causing the pet to calm down and relax. Nutritional aids, which contain amino acids, which act to promote relaxation and reduce anxiety and stress.5. If you know your animal requires prescribed sedatives before the visit, please contact our veterinary centre in advance. Also, inform the veterinarian on duty about the medication given to your animal.

    6. Let your pet get used to travelling by car. Train your pet to travel by car. Start with a parked car, followed by a car with a running motor, then a short drive around the block and slowly increasing the driving time, until the vet visit can be planned.

    7. Let our staff explain prior to your visit what will happen during a consultation.

    8. Calm yourself as well, we know that it is often stressful for you to take your pet to the veterinarian. If you prepare well before the visit then the experience will be pleasant for both you and your pet.

    Please contact us for more information on how to have a stress free visit to our veterinary centre.

    Sources: DVM360 4 tips for bringing your pet to the veterinarian, Dr Sally J Foote.
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