Visiting the Vet with your cat: Tips for introducing the Cat Carrier

A veterinary visit for a cat is often very stressful to both the cat and its owner. It is not easy to try to wrangle a cat into a carrier. These tips will help you to give your cat to relax and make the trip to the veterinarian a breeze.

1. Take time to teach your cat to get comfortable in a carrier. First, keep the carrier in your house so your cat can familiar with the carrier and eventually even sleep in it. For a cat, it is important to rub its body against objects so they will get a familiar smell.

2. Make the carrier as comfortable and cosy as possible. Place your cats’ favourite blanket in the carrier. You can even place a soft toy in the carrier for your cat to play with.

3. Use tools such as pheromone sprays or catnip to de-stress the carrier. Cats prefer these smells and will easily calm down. The pheromone sprays are based on feline facial pheromone that relaxes cats. These sprays can be used on the carrier itself, on the blanket in the carrier or even in the car.

4. Introduce your cat hungry to the carrier and then place his favourite treat, soft canned food or his daily food in the carrier. This will result in your pet readily going into the carrier.

5. Nutritional aids can be used to calm your cat down prior to and during the veterinary visit. Nutritional aids, which contain amino acids, act to promote relaxation and reduce anxiety and stress.

6. Change the type of carrier. If your cat does not get used to the carrier then try another type or size.

7. In case of emergency when you do not have access to a carrier then you can use alternative carriers. A pillowcase can be used tied closed or even two laundry baskets tied together could be used.

Please contact us for more information about how to have a stress free visit to our veterinary centre.

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